I maintain a writing practice and have recently published poetry and art criticism.

Selected Publications
Big Red and Shiny, July 21, 2016 See It Before It’s Gone: Dan Boardman / Audrey Hope at Kijidome
Mother Mother, May 2016, zine curated by Sheilah Wilson as part of the exhibition Repeat Pressure Until,Ortega y Gasset Projects, Brooklyn, NY 
Artscope Magazine, March 2016, Time Machine to the Present, Emma Hogarth
Tuesday; an Art Project, Issue 6:2, January 2016
Houseguest, Literary Magazine, Issue #4, July 2015
Accordion Zine, March 2015
Collison: More Human, Exhibition Catalog, Sept 2014, Boston Cyberarts Gallery, 2014, Boston MA
Collision:bilocate, Exhibition Catalog, January 2014, Boston Cyberarts Gallery, 2014, Boston MA
100/10βˆ†8: Rise Industries Exhibition Catalog, Institute of Cultural Inquiry, ICI Press, 2012, Los Angeles CA
Boston Globe, September 7, 2011, You Are My Sunshine, by Cate McQuaid