Jayne telephones

Jayne telephones is a list of the approximately six-hundred most common women’s names (derived from the 1990 US census) paired with the six-hundred most commonly used verbs. The pairings are listed in order of their ranking beginning with first most common. The list begins with "Mary is" and ends with the "Christi devotes”.  The list is bound in a newsprint book that resembles a catalog or telephone book and is passed among a group of participants who read aloud as a performance.  

Shirt Cuffs

Practice Book

Practice book was made by repeating a word or phrase for five lines, then writing another word or phrase, without premeditation, filling an entire notebook.

Costume Party

Viewers are invited hold and inspect the found photos each of which includes a subtle graphite drawing that enables one figure to stand out more clearly from the background.


Lens and Mirror Works